Anyone who’s new to bitcoin can collect their first coins using faucet sites. After accumulating enough money to withdraw you can start growing your income. Here are three easy techniques to increase your stash of bitcoin.

#1: Earn Daily Compound Interest

The first thing you can do is send your bitcoin to Bitfinex to earn daily interest. Bitfinex has swap lending where you can provide liquidity to traders. Depending on what rate you set you can earn anywhere from 18-24% a year.

#2: Trade When There is Opportunity

Anytime the markets are inefficient there can be opportunities to make money by trading. The most important rule to trading is “buy low and sell high”. Usually the best time to buy bitcoin is when the markets are in a panic because that’s when the price is cheapest.

If you’re new to trading it’s best to start by practising with small amounts. You’ll want to create a bitcoin trading strategy before risking money.

#3: Affiliate Marketing

Once you build up enough capital with your trading profits you can invest in advertising and increase your returns through affiliate marketing. Sharing your affiliates links is a great way to earn passive income.

The best affiliate programs are the one’s that let you earn residual income by getting a percentage of people’s trading fees. Bitcoin makes marketing payouts easier than any other payment method on the internet.

Disclaimer: Trading and keeping coins on an exchange can be risky and may lead to a loss of money.

Published by Dan Bainbridge

Dan Bainbridge is the founder of and He writes about bitcoin focused marketing strategy on this blog, and day to day strategises the growth of the Bitcoin Aliens media portfolio. He likes surfing and swimming.