This week we are super excited to announce the launch of the new site in the bitcoin aliens network –


This is our beta launch of Blockchain Stats as it is just a taste of what is to come. Right now you can:

  • Check the check the bitcoin price.
  • Use the live calculator to see what $76 is in bitcoin, or quickly find out what 4.56 bitcoin is worth in $s, euros or CNY
  • See daily, weekly monthly, or yearly bitcoin price charts.
  • Browse bitcoin market stats such as mining stats, difficulty, blocks mined, market $ capacity
  • And of course, this is Bitcoin Aliens, we have a free bitcoin faucet on there too – so you can claim some free bitcoin while you check the bitcoin price!

This is just the start though. In the future you can expect:

  • More graphs, graphs, graphs, on market capacity, market stats, mining difficulty, user wallets, monthly bitcoin transactions and more
  • Bitcoin nodes and stats on blocks mined by core, classic and XT (and others in the future?)
  • But not just bitcoin! Coming soon are Altcoin market prices and blockchain stats.
  • Widgets! Display any of our stats on your website… AND get paid if you send traffic to us – you will be able to place a bitcoin price widget on your website, and if your visitors click on it for more info and claim some free bitcoin then you will get a % of their claims!

Watch this space!

Published by Dan Bainbridge

Dan Bainbridge is the founder of and He writes about bitcoin focused marketing strategy on this blog, and day to day strategises the growth of the Bitcoin Aliens media portfolio. He likes surfing and swimming.