Are you a web developer? Passionate about bitcoin? Want to help to spread bitcoin adoption by programing platforms to make bitcoin fun, educate new users about bitcoin and just make it FUN?

Join an exciting, active bitcoin company – we’re not just a startup with an idea, we are actively running, giving away free bitcoin to new bitcoin users. We’ve given away over 535 btc , around $240,000 worth at today’s price. Each week we share 10-20 bitcoin to 30,000+ people, introducing bitcoin to thousands of new people each week.

Bitcoin Aliens App

We’re Bitcoin Aliens, the largest bitcoin gamification portal – we give out free bitcoin for playing simple games, playing our mobile apps (which have had over 500k installs), even for reading books. We give out more bitcoin than anyone else, and with your help we can make even better platforms and give out even more, introducing bitcoin to more new people than ever!

The Role

You will work on one side of our business – the gamification / free bitcoin giveaway side.

You will work directly under and with our lead developer here, getting involved in many different projects.

Traffic / Scale: One of the largest ongoing challenges we have is ensuring we code our platform to be able to handle LARGE volumes of traffic – receives 1 million visits a day, is the 14,00th busiest website in the world

Popularity: Along with traffic volumes, it’s not just traffic, our sites are popular. Each week we pay out around 10-20btc to 30,000+ people – the work you do will help to bring bitcoin adoption to thousands of new users in 2016 – if you are good at your role then 100s of 1000s

Security: We are often a target for ddos attacks, you will need to be aware of these attacks and code our databases in a way to minimize our exposure when we are attacked. Another issue is that although we keep NOTHING online, (we have no hot wallet or bitcoin stored on our servers) – would be hackers imagine we do, so again, security is of utmost importance.

Our sites: ,, < we have several others, these are currently our best, and the projects you get involved with will be for new sites which even higher quality and more innovation.

This role is a follow along and learning role but definitely has scope to expand to give you more responsibility, to be responsible for your own projects and even whole sites. To expand further so that you train and manage our next junior developers.

Required Skills

  • Linux Systems
  • Well versed on NodeJs and its modules. This is essential, some key elements of our platforms use NodeJs, not PHP.
  • Database systems(Postgresql,MySql).
  • Knowledgeable of REST API,WebSockets,OAuth and other similar technologies.
  • Some knowledge of Back-end Server Adminitration is a plus but not required.
  • Some knowledge on web design is a plus but not required.

Not A Blockchain Tech Role

We are looking for a web developer. Especially a NodeJS based developer – you MUST have some NodeJS experience.

This is NOT a blockchain tech development role, we are not building innovative tech and smart contracts etc directly into the blockchain. We build database driven platforms for mass users, with a focus on simple games and hopefully more interaction and interface between users as we progress.

So you don’t need to be a blockchain developer, but some knowledge of bitcoin is helpful – you will mostly work on building new features onto our platforms, working to make sure what we build can scale, and interfacing with other APIs which help us to pay out bitcoin or bring us bitcoin stats.

I think we were trying to look like reservoir dogs in this pic..
I think we were trying to look like reservoir dogs in this pic..

To Apply

  • You will have some experience but eager to learn, this is a training role initially.
  • You will have web dev some experience, we can’t train you from zero knowledge.
  • Ideally you are interested in bitcoin and blockchain technology.
  • Your country / location / time zone is not important – you will work from home and set your own hours, as long as you can make time to work with Asian time zones.
  • This is an intern / training role with a simple salary to start, it is full time, and progression to great salary and bonuses can come within 2-3 months.
  • This role WILL progress to taking responsibility for your own areas of code and projects and even to the managing further junior developers. We are rapidly growing.
  • To Apply: Send some links to previous work and projects along with your CV/Bio to –, along with a short cover letter introducing yourself, we do value personal skills and as much as strong development we need someone friendly, social and fun to work with.

Published by Dan Bainbridge

Dan Bainbridge is the founder of and He writes about bitcoin focused marketing strategy on this blog, and day to day strategises the growth of the Bitcoin Aliens media portfolio. He likes surfing and swimming.