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Bitcoin Scams: What to Watch Out For and How To Avoid Getting Scammed



On the whole, bitcoin is a safe and secure ecosystem. There are threats and risks, however, that all bitcoin users need to be aware of. As with all currencies, bitcoin scams and security threats can range from dramatic multi-million dollar heists, to malware ridden apps and viruses, and rip-offs on minor deals, such as the sale of used goods. Point is, there’s a huge range of security threats within the bitcoin community, as there is with any currency.

Remember, given the anonymity afforded by bitcoin and the Internet in general, it is very hard to go after people through legal means. That’s why we’re going to take a moment to over some of these scams. Instead of focusing on the big heists, like the recent Bitfinex theft, we’re going to focus on the smaller, more subtle scams.

If you’re evaluating a website or service and wondering if it’s a scam, we suggest you jump over to this page and use the scam calculator to compute the risks. Otherwise, if you’re just trying to get an idea of what the risks are, and what red flags you should be watching out for, keep reading!

How You Can Avoid Scams


Before we dig into specific scams, we want to take a moment to highlight a few steps you can take to avoid scams.

  • Triple check everything: URLs, security certificates, reviews, etc.
  • Triple check for reviews online. Use community websites, like Reddit, to see if other people have experience with the App, website, or service.
  • Use different passwords, preferably randomly generated, for EVERY website
  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t true
  • NEVER store all of your bitcoins in one wallet, on one exchange, or in one app. Diversify and divide your holdings.

There are many different types of scams. In most cases, a bitcoin scam is either going to try to steal your bitcoins/other currency, or steal your processing power so  some other group can use it to mine bitcoins.

Hijacking Scams Will Steal Processing Power


The idea of stealing process power might be less familiar than traditional scams that steal money, but they are a serious threat. Even if someone “just” steals your processing power to mine bitcoins, they are running up your electricity bills, and slowing down your computer.

Scams looking to steal your processing power will often get users to install apps and programs onto their computers or smartphones. Then these programs will hijack your devices and use the processing power for mining. When bitcoins are mined, the profits are sent back to the people who owned the app.

Watch Out For “Look Alike” Scams


One common way to steal bitcoins is to set up a fake website that looks very similar to a popular exchange or other service. A hacker will basically set up a dummy name at a dummy address, like instead of Unsuspecting users log in and try to either  buy bitcoins with their other currencies, or try to sell their bitcoins. Problem is, the website and exchange isn’t real, and once the money is sent, it is gone.

Always, always, always, (always) triple check the URL’s you are typing in. The easiest way to set up a scam site is to simply make a site that features a tiny change in the URL. After changing or dropping just one letter, the scammers then wait for people to mess up while typing in URLS. You go to the site, login, make a transactions, and they steal your information.

Here’s a recent example that was done by Kraken imposters.

To avoid these scams, use bookmarks to bookmark legitimate sites. Also use SSL certificates, and make sure that that the URL begins with HTTPS.

If It’s Too Good To Be True, It Probably Isn’t True


If the website, app, or service simply sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t true. Quite possibly, it’s a ponzi scheme or other type of scam.

Websites or apps that promise ridiculous returns (i.e. more than say 20% each year), or other amazing benefits, you need to double down and do more research.  Don’t sign up and don’t send any money or personal details until you know that the website is legit.

One way scammers trick people is by looking for people who are, by their very nature, trusting. They promise amazing returns precisely because they know that only trusting and naive people will end up signing up for the service. These people, sadly, are the easiest people to trick.

One of the most common ways to scam people through this method is to set up a ponzi scheme. Older users are paid profits with the money of newer users. As a result, some people are making money, and often bragging about it. Eventually, however, the music will stop, money will be lost, and newer users who haven’t been paid back funds will lose out.

Don’t be naive. Ask questions, constantly. Be doubtful, be skeptical, and most importantly, be cautious.

Beware of New Apps and Websites


There are many legitimate apps, mining consortiums, and exchanges. Unfortunately, there are also many scam sites. Usually, the scam sites will offer some seemingly amazing benefit, such as significantly lower processing fees. When signing up for any type of service, you need to examine their website very carefully.

First, check to see if the people in charge of the app or website make themselves known publicly. Is there a biography page? Can these biographies be verified through Linkedin and other websites? Does the management team consist of well-known people? If not, you need to be exceptionally careful. Even if so, you should still be careful.

Whenever you are using a new website or app, check around and look for reviews. Have other people used the website or app successfully? Are there any complaints? If so, what were the complaints?

Finally, when you do sign up for a new account or download a new app, test the app or program with smaller amounts of money. Don’t conduct a huge trade with thousands of dollars worth of bitcoins on a brand new exchange. Test it out with a smaller transaction.

Monitor everything closely. If you download a bitcoin app to your smartphone, for example, monitor your battery life and processor usage. If your battery is being drained faster, or the app is using a large portion of your processing power on a constant basis, it may be hijacking your phone for subversive means.

Watch your balance too. The app or website could be slowly deducting small amounts of money from your account. As already mentioned, don’t put all of your bitcoins in one wallet or on one exchange.



This article was written by Ofir Beigel – a Bitcoin blogger and entrepreneur. He runs the blog 99Bitcoins which is dedicated to helping people getting started with Bitcoin.

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Dan Bainbridge

Dan Bainbridge is the founder of and He writes about bitcoin focused marketing strategy on this blog, and day to day strategises the growth of the Bitcoin Aliens media portfolio. He likes surfing and swimming.

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    12. Great! my pleasure and thanks for leaving a post. First do this inventory list… to get clear.. and see then see where you chose to go with your passions and not. Listen and connect to your heart and when you go over the list and find if you did or not – then you are ready to plan for 2010.Thanks!

    13. Vader: hey girl…Actually the ‘serious’ face was his idea…he informed me that ‘cool army men’ don’t smile! LOL He is now in a Ninja costume and upset that I haven’t taken and picture! :)p.s. your little man is quite the looker! Tom & McWizard:I remember the real GI Joes that were bigger than Barbies with the real crew cuts and metal dog tags…but I was born in ’71… :)

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    15. J’ai vu beaucoup de Anne Coulter, par examples, en donnant les conferences a la fac a des etudiants. Tres amusant.M. Rochefort: Decidement un portion de la population ne veut pas ecouter certains gens comme Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield, ou meme la joli Anne Coulter. Tolerance mon ami. Tolerance. Imagine qui se doit ecouter avec tolerance!

    16. I hope you never stop! This is one of the best blogs Ive ever read. Youve got some mad skill here, man. I just hope that you dont lose your style because youre definitely one of the coolest bloggers out there. Please keep it up because the internet needs someone like you spreading the word.

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    18. tribal identity was inherent in Arabia before Islam too(it is even today n various countries. In fact Islam made the followers look beyond those identities.@Molaga:The demographics of India after so many years of Muslim rule is due to combination of tolerant nature of both common Hindus and Muslims.

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    21. I read about Modafinil, am tempted. Perhaps I can bluff my MD into writing me a scrip.- Tom Buckner, posting anonymously just because I can’t be bothered to log in right now.PS I hope you don’t mind too much if I take some of those gripes about publishing and use them in a fiction piece….? They’re an interesting glimpse into the culture of those who actually work on AI.

    22. KarenDecember 16, 2012A bigger question is the young American male’s fascination with “Call of Duty” and similar video games. Are parents really in touch with how much contact their children have with virtual killing? You really need to understand whether it’s merely a video game or something more. I think this is a way bigger part of the psychology of killing methodically.20

    23. Hey C.V. Rick!!!Well, Reading Lolita in Teheran sounds good then — if I see it again, I’ll try to pick up a copy. But regarding your description of Perfume? An erotic story where sex is reduced to anger and violence? Yuck. I think I’ll pass on that. That’s even less my kink than that whole dom/sub thing. Whatever happened to getting off on some good old-fashioned exhibitionism and voyeurism?

    24. Sineva,(From prior thread) – – Ask yourself whether US officials pretended to believe Iran could not enrich to 20 percent and manufacture fuel rods/plates for the TRR. Those officials needed cover for their utter imbecility in forcing Iran to enrich to 20%.Was their a plan to force Iran to enrich to 20 percent, to facilitate blocking any improvement in US-Iran relations?

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    2. Thanks for the comment. Good to know about the Reecom. The Reecom model appears to be a good one. I currently have the Midland WR300 which I do receive the weekly test signal (usually on Tuesday or Wednesday). One thing to look for is an external antenna jack, if you happen to be located further away from local transmitters, and you’re using your unit as a base station rather than portable.VN:F [1.9.21_1169](from 0 votes)

    3. Juanita Hinkhouse 28.08.2012 11:42 pm Mark I am so happy to see that you are doing so well. lots of love and hugs from La Junta. If you are ever in town please come by the Intermediate School I would love for you to be a guest at one of our town meetings which are head on Wednesday mornings. The kids and staff would love it. Mr. Schmidt would also love to have you come visit.

    4. Ciao Sere, ritorno da te e come da copione mi faccio una bella risata leggendo i tuoi post…la descrizione della terribile insalata russa a forma di pesce è troppo bella :)Cavoli se me la ricordo, non la potevo sopportare, mi faceva impressione solo a guardarla. La tua idea della maionese di tofu è davvero FAVOLOSA, la devo provare assolutamente

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    6. Excellent post. I agree with Linda S, and with Michael, that we must be honest about our motives, and true to our characters. What can offend me more than any particular issue is anxious, paranoid conservatism. The UK is a far more liberal country than just ten years ago, and this is largely because many once difficult issues are part of the public conversation.

    7. MRU, un premier independent, suspendat din PNL, premier al unui guvern PDL, care vorbeste la telefon cu PSD, fost sef SIE !!!!!!!!!!!! ……………………………………………………………………………………… Democratie! LOLOL …..imi jigniti inteligenta !!!!!!!

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    13. Domanda: prima in una comunita’ c’era una religione, al massimo un paio d’altre. Insomma era facile riconoscere l’ebreo, il musulmano, etc etc… Oggi che e’ un megamix e ci sono un tot di religioni per comunita’. Come si fa a certificare una “appartenenza religiosa”, e relativi diritti di espressione, senza usare la consuetudine? Se arriva in una classe uno che dice di seguire la religione di Star Trek che si fa?

    14. Ofera-ti plimbari in aer liber, meditatie, o rugaciune, o persoana calda cu care sa vorbesti si care sa te tina doar in brate, o replica dintr-o carte pozitiva …lucruri de genul asta care vor valora mai mult decat orice oferta 31 in 1. Cred ca stiu prin ce treci…si e foarte greu sa asimilezi niste sfaturi, indiferent cat de bine intentionate sunt ele. Tu iti vei gasi oferta castigatoare pentru linistea de care ai nevoie! te pup…si daca ai nevoie sa vorbesti cu cineva…eu iti pot fi alaturi fara nici un fel de interes.

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    17. I wonder if any of those crackpots know or care that although it was an important landmark on the long, hard road to modern democracy, the Magna Carta was written in Britain. I doubt any other state governments have patterned laws on ancient foreign compacts. At least not since the early days of the republic.

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    19. Bonjour et merci pour votre remarque. Cependant, il ne s’agit pas d’une faute, comme le précise la vidéo mais également le texte de notre billet. La formule « Je vous envoie ci-joint photocopie » est peu utilisée, mais parfaitement correcte.

    20. à propos du pithos de Diogène:compte tenu des multiples échanges commerciaux entre gaulois et grecs (en particulier à partir de Marseille) il est probable que les grecs connaissaient le tonneau (qui dans l’antiquité et encore au moyen âge ne servait pas principalement à stocker le vin, mais d’autres produits, par exemple des poissons salés.)Et mon grand-père alsacien avait un tonneau à choucroute dans sa cave, qu’il remplissait au seuil de l’hiver.

    21. I think they do share some responsibility, but as I say in my opening paragraph, they shouldn’t shoulder all of the blame. The villages I visited that needed drinking water projects had all been polluted by mining in the 60′s prior to opening up. I think there has also been little discussion of the role multinationals have played in providing new manufacturing process to China that are greener than what was in place before opening up. A good reference point would be Mao’s Great Famine, which discusses China’s environment during the great leap forward.

    1. Man, talk about a great publish! I?ve stumbled across your weblog a couple of times inside the past, but I tyaciplly forgot to bookmark it. But not again! Thanks for posting the way in which you do, I truly recognize seeing someone who truly features a viewpoint and isn?t genuinely just bringing back up crap like almost all other writers today. Maintain it up!

    2. I heard a brief story but don’t remember as I was so busy that day. What I do remember is that the women who had it, 94 yrs. old, got it in Iowa? I believe. I can perhaps get more information from her son if you’re interested. They are soooo beautiful!

    3. You must believe this is great progress….ours took 3 months, as these oldies did it all! Budget always goes over, as unexpected things pop up….I certainly hope you saved the cupboard handles and put them in a time capsule….I have similar ones on chuck’s bath cabnet that is built like a 57 Chevy….well that was our time!! I think this is looking wonderful so far and am sure you will be so glad to have a working kitchen. you are the best.

    4. You do not even want to know how old my son was when I HAD to stop trying to pass him for a younger age just for discounts.What’s worse with the cars is people have the nerve to add a red nose to the grille and put the antlers on the windows with the eyelashes at Christmas…That is REALLY over the top.Tennis is not as easy as it looks. Ask me how I know??? So props to you for getting out there and working it out on the court.

    5. Sorry.Powell’s no great catch.His history suggests he’s no more or less than any other ambitious army officer. His loyalties aren’t to the Country but to the Corps. He apparently knew the truth about the pretexts for the invasion oand conquest of Iraq and, instead of resigning in protest, as any normally honorable person might have done, he stuck to the Regime.Y’all guys, you pukes, do with him whacha wanna, “we” don’t need ‘im; we got our own lying, asshole opportunistic fucknozzles…

    6. Très sympa ça, merci Sylvie. Des jeunes cités dans le double article je n’ai vu jouer que Harrison, Mina, Dimitrov, Rufin, Kontinen et Tomic. Je ne vous parle même pas de ceux évoqués par Duong et Ronald ! Ma connaissance des jeunes est donc réduite mais il me paraît très bien ce petut Halys ! Effectivement très calme, ça fait plaisir à voir.

    7. Llamamiento a la ciudadania a concentrarse en el congreso… Puede que esta tarde me acerque. Ya me conoceis y sabeis que defiendo una HUELGA GENERAL INDEFINIDA HASTA DERRIBAR ESTE REGIMEN CORRUPTO.Interesante. Te gusta? 8  0

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    10. Steve, your insistence that Obama should get over his black identity and embrace the end American racism would be a little more convincing if half your commenters weren’t attacking and insulting him in the nastiest, most racially loaded terms. It’s like the old joke: what do you call a black millionare philanthropist physicist? a: a nigger. A goodly chunk of your readership seem to demonstrate the truth behind the punchline.

    11. Another thing,The map is not correct.In Central North and North West Albania, In the Malsia e Madhe (Great Highland) and Mirdite or Orosh (Godday) Regions the Catholic population is 100%, Turks never entered those lands, And also Shkodra(Scutari) city has a divided population of 50%/50% Catholic/Myslim population. There is where the Catholic population is concentrated. Now days it is also spreaded in the Capital Tirana and big cities like Durres, etc.

    12. Zemlja je u prvom slučaju naziv planete, jel? Zemlja, Sunce, Mjesec, Jupiter…Internet nije naziv nekog tijela, nečeg opipljivog, kako veliÅ¡ gradivna je imenica i meni logično pisati malim slovom.Intranet i internet su po pitanju gramatike isto – grupa nekih mreža.Nisam ni ja stručnjak za pravopis, a ponajviÅ¡e u naÅ¡em jeziku koji je toliko kompliciran i podložan promjenama.

    13. when i was a kid, i used to take tomatoes (store bought ones even) to school and eat them like apples. i would take a little pinch of salt wrapped up in foil (before sachets existed!) to sprinkle as i bit. its been a long time since ive done that, and your photo makes me miss tomatoes like that very badly! and that one of the web, so amazing, like its a lovely silk laceweight. as for alice, cheeky monkey indeed!

    14. Actually, re: australia, the more likely reason is simply apathy with the incumbent administration. Parliamentary democracies suffer from this even more than the American representative system, since the majority legislative party also forms the executive. Howard is the second longest serving Prime Minister in Australian history. People eventually vote for the other side just to see a change of face. I don’t believe the Islamic thing had that much to do with the results, especially since it seems likely that immigration policies will remain broadly unchanged by the incoming government and may even be tightened.

    15. Oh how I wish I’d thought this through before doing the laundry in the downstairs powder room deal. I could easily have take the space where the washer/dryer is now on the inside & reversed the plumbing so that the units faced the hallway w/doors to hide them. Too much to do now I think but really a great thing to think through before walls & plumbing go in.

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    19. Sonia,Hey! you really make this. Yours is nice and moist and pretty.Wow! you use homemade kaya somemore..:DAbout the curdle part, it is normal as you add in the flour it will become smooth again. I think it does have different between whipping cream and nestle cream because mine is not too oily.Thanks for the link and shout out.Between i have used the pickled sakura that you gave me to make chiffon and i save some for my swiss roll too..:DHave a lovely week ahead.mui..^^

    1. Spettacolari! Li ho preparati e messi in freezer, ieri sera alla mia cena li ho offerti… perfetti, buonissimiiii… tutti mi chiedevano se dentro ci fosse mou…. Ehhhhhh una laar!atavaaaao!!! Ho fatto un figurone grazie a te! GrazieeeeMarta

    2. My only problem with that fix is that it completely opens up those ports instead of locking them down to just the original and additional subnets. To be fair, almost everyone is or should be protected behind a good router/firewall. I wonder if that asterick can be changed to multiple subnets?

    3. Good post! Reading ‘The Omnivore’s Dilemma’ is an eye-opener. I haven’t finished it yet – fascinating, but I can only take so much of it at a time. Making intelligent choices isn’t as easy as we think. Just when we get all pleased with ourselves for doing something that we think is environmentally beneficial, then we find out that it far from such. But, hey, we have to start somewhere.

    4. Noora, aivan loistava, mahtava, ihana blogi sinulla! Olen saanut älyttömästi vinkkejä, ohjeita ym. tämän kautta. Iso kiitos.Oletko ollut tyytyväinen Laveran ihonhoitotuotteisiin? Mitä meikkejä käytät/suosittelet? Mitä kirjoja/leffoja suosittelet luettavaksi/katsottaviksi(muitakin kun ympäristö asioihin liittyviä) :) Kiitos jo etukäteen vastauksista!

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    6. Brigazzz, et vous faîtes comment pour reconnaître un flic lorsque ce dernier ne porte pas d’uniforme ?Owen, pour reprendre une célèbre réplique, quand les cons pourront voler, vous serez chef d’escadrille.Blue, vous tombez sur un flic désagréable lors d’un contrôle routier et ce sont tous les flics que vous vomissez… finalement je me demande de quel côté se situe l’excès.

    7. Vera and Basil,We are happy to know that you are coming to the states. We have been praying for you often throughout the days, The Holy Spirit has kept you in our minds and hearts through this difficult time. In the storms He is always there leading and guiding us. We will continue to pray for you and KNOW that He is in control and that He will work out every detail according to His will and purpose. We Love You Make a joyful noise unto the Lord and enjoy Thanksgiving on the plane. God Is Good. Tom and Kathy