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Have you heard too much about bitcoins but never got to understand how to earn them? Is it even real or not? There are so many questions that come to our mind when we talk about cryptocurrency. Especially when people say that it is easy to earn them through apps, the only question on our mind will be ‘Is it reliable and trustworthy?’ Even I felt the same way until I came across this really cool Free Bitcoin App created by Bitcoin Aliens. As far as my research goes, they are known to have created some other fantastic cryptocurrency apps which are indeed free. 

Free Bitcoin Faucet App

This application was built in 2014 for facilitating the process of earning bitcoins online and has it has continued to do so successfully until today. The app ranks first with the keyword ‘Free Bitcoins’. It has more than a million downloads with a 3.8-star rating on the Google Play Store which is pretty cool!

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How Does The Free Bitcoin App Work?

Many of us think that earning bitcoins is a difficult and complex procedure. But, with this app there is no need to worry about such things. It provides the most simplified user interface for earning free bitcoin. The application is currently available on the Google Play Store, so all the Android users can easily access the application. The app gets downloaded within a few seconds and is installed in less than a minute on the phone or any device with Android support. 

After installation, when I opened the application on my phone, I got a formal welcome message. The welcome message asked me to agree to the application’s privacy policy along with the terms and conditions. After pressing on ‘Agree’ I was redirected to another pop-up which asked me for registration. You need to register your email on the app for earning and claiming the free Satoshi. If you do not register on the application, then the application does not allow you to set up your wallet and eventually, your free Satoshi cannot be credited in the wallet. I completed my registration easily by providing my Coinbase email ID. You need to provide email ID registered with Coinbase wallet. 

Once the registration was successfully completed, I was redirected to the main menu of the app. The application had four main tabs or categories. The first one was ‘Earn Free Bitcoins’. This was an hourly game where there was a free chance given. After one chance is over, you can claim your Satoshi and come back after an hour to claim more. The next tab on the menu said ‘Claim Now’. This tab opens in a new link. After clicking on this link, I was redirected to a page which has numerous quizzes, surveys, mini-games, etc. listed on it. Along with that, they had Satoshi claim amount written next to it. So those who want to earn more Satoshi can take part in the surveys or play mini-games. The last tab is ‘Rate Us’ tab with the app settings. Here you can rate the app easily and provide feedback to the Bitcoins Aliens depending on your experience.

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After earning 10,000 free Satoshi, the first transfer to your account will take place. After that, the Satoshi will be credited directly into your wallet every Tuesday, irrespective of the amount. So, this app provides a hassle-free solution to earn free bitcoins.

Free Bitcoin Faucet App

How To Earn Bitcoin From The App?

Free Bitcoin App has one of the simplest designs which helps navigate through the app smoothly. This makes the user experience better and removes the misconception of bitcoin apps being difficult to use. The application works very easily and has a simplified interface and usage. When I started using the application, I came across the main menu with many categories. It was easy for me to navigate and scan through the categories and select what I wanted to do. 

So, when I went on the first tab of ‘Earn Free Bitcoins’ and I were redirected to a mini-game. This mini-game is an automated spin game with one free chance. So, after I clicked on ‘Spin Now,’ there was a random spin, and after the spin, I earned some amount of Satoshi. After the free chance was over, I claimed my free Satoshi and was redirected back to the main menu. The ‘Earn Free Bitcoins’ tab was replaced by an hourly timer. So, now I could earn more Satoshi only after an hour. 

So now, I went to the ‘Claim Now’ tab. Here, again, there were many surveys, quizzes, and mini-games. So, I went on that link and took a survey. After completing the survey, I earned a certain amount of free Satoshi. So, here you can try out as many options available. After claiming my Satoshi on the application, I checked my balance on the wallet. It did not exceed 10,000 Satoshi, so I would not be credited with bitcoins yet. Thus, after practising the same things for a few days, I finally crossed the limit of 10,000 Satoshi. The next Tuesday after my great achievement, I checked my wallet, and my Satoshi were credited into my Coinbase wallet. 

Another feature of this application is that there is a referral system installed in the app. The referrals tab provides a shareable link which can be shared with friends and family. So, if any of your shared contacts download and earns a certain number of bitcoins, then 10% of their amount will be directly credited into your wallet as a referral commission. This is how the app provides an add-on benefit of earning more bitcoins.

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Where And When Are The Bitcoin Deposited In The App?

I have used many bitcoin applications, and all of them claimed to give away free bitcoins, but eventually, no actual transfer was ever made. Therefore, most of the applications on the Play Store or the App Store are not trustworthy. I had my doubts with this app as well, but they proved me wrong! So, after I had earned 10, 000 free Satoshi, I was doubtful whether my further claim would give me free bitcoins or not. But, on a Tuesday morning when I opened the app, I got a pop-up message. The message congratulated me for my first credit to the wallet. When I checked my wallet, the free bitcoins were credited. This made me trust this app, unlike the other applications. 

So, basically in the ‘Free Bitcoins’ app, the bitcoins are credited directly into your Coinbase wallet. The bitcoins are credited every Tuesday. If there are any referrals given out and if your referral commission is due, then that is credited to your wallet directly. So, the wallet gives a detailed summary or list of transactions taken place from the account. In case of any discrepancies faced, they have a 24/7 support team which helps to resolve the issue. The application is responsive and reliable. This makes it stand apart from other applications.

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Are There Any Similar Free Bitcoin Faucet Apps?

Yes, there are! While I was browsing for various free bitcoin faucets online, I came across a few good Bitcoin faucet apps that were working properly and did not seem to be a scam. These apps were:

Moon Bitcoin

Moon Bitcoin is one of the best known faucets and it is worth checking out.

Storm Play

This is a cryptocurrency app which gives away free bitcoins and Ethereum to the customers through mini-games, surveys, etc. It has a user-friendly interface, but when it comes to checking out of the claimed Satoshi or getting more free chances through video ads, the app crashes and needs to be restarted again. This is really frustrating about the app. Otherwise, just like other bitcoin applications, this app offers various games and surveys to complete and claim free Satoshi which is directly credited into the wallet.

BTC Safari

I came across this app along with the ‘Free bitcoin’ app, and when I installed the app, it gave a good user experience with a simple and straightforward design layout. On this app, the minimum withdrawal limit of Satoshi is 2,000 which is, in a way better to see if the app is really genuine and pays on time. I will perhaps post a review once I reach 2,000 Satoshi on this app.


‘Free Bitcoin’ App is one of the most trustworthy apps that I came across. I have used many applications to earn free bitcoins. Most of my experiences were pathetic, and I landed up with nothing. But this was the first application which made me think that earning bitcoins through applications is not always a scam. The app is simple to use, easy to navigate, and really cool for earning Bitcoins.

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