Free Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – Faucet App Review (Update: 2019/2020)

free bitcoin cash faucet app

Earning money online seems easy, right? Even I felt so when I came across many bitcoin applications on Google Play Store and App Store. Who wouldn’t want to earn money just by playing games? I guess everyone! But it is easier said than done since not all the cryptocurrency faucet applications that you come across are genuine. The majority of them are fake, and mostly scams designed to either steal private keys to your wallet or make you take surveys for free. Initially, even I faced this problem with many apps. Finally, I came across this really cool application by the Bitcoin Aliens named ‘Free Bitcoin Cash’ App. 

This application was ranked first on the Google Play Store when I searched for bitcoin cash. I guess it is not available to iOS users at the moment. The application had 4.1-star ratings with more than 500k app downloads. This made me think that the application is trustworthy and credible, probably worth a shot. The reviews of the application were fair enough and much better than other bitcoin cash applications. The Free Bitcoin Cash App is easy to download and has a great user experience. It is easy to navigate through the app and has a simplified payment checkout process. I think Bitcoin Aliens have come up with one of the best bitcoin applications for earning cryptocurrency.


How Does The App Work?

It is usually believed that earning cryptocurrency is a complex procedure. Even I thought the same before I came across this Free Bitcoin Cash App. This application is easily available on the Google Play Store. After going through the details about the application, I downloaded and installed the application. In less than 30 seconds, the application gets installed on the device and is ready to make you some money. 

After opening the app, there is a formal welcome message which talks about the app. The message is mainly with regard to accepting their privacy policy along with the terms and conditions. After pressing on ‘Agree,’ I got a new pop-up. This tab was for registration or log-in. As I was a new user of the application, I had to register myself by entering my email address. Just by entering the email address, I was automatically registered. I was impressed by this short registration process with no other formalities. It is necessary to register in order to earn bitcoin cash and set-up your wallet. 

After successful registration, I was redirected to a Menu which had many categories. Basically, these categories were mini-games that helped me earn Satoshi. I could claim Satoshi every hour through these games. There is a control panel in the app that allowed me to set up my suitable wallet. The claimed Satoshi were directly credited to my wallet. After earning 10,000 Satoshi through this app, I started receiving bitcoin cash regularly without any minimum amount requirement. The bitcoin cash is credited to the wallet every Tuesday and this is how I started earning money easily. 


How To Earn Bitcoin Cash From The App?

Free Bitcoin Cash app has great user experience and allows smooth navigation. It is simple and has a quick process to earn bitcoin cash. So, when I opened the application, on the top, they have an information slider which has customer payouts, wallet payout amount, etc. The first thing after the slider is a category for ‘Hourly Claim.’ So, it meant that every hour, I could play this game and get free Satoshi. When I opened that category, there was an automated spin game. This spin game gives two free chances. After claiming Satoshi from those spins, if you want more, then there is a video tab at the bottom, which loads a 30-second video ad. 

After watching the ad, I got three more free spins. After those free spins, I landed back on the menu page after claiming my earned Satoshi. Now, I could spin again only after an hour. But the app has an additional feature of ‘Bonus Claim.’ In this, there is an automated spin game that starts only after watching a video ad. This game can be played multiple times. After claiming Satoshi here, I was not satisfied with my earnings. So, I went on the third category, ‘AdGem Offerwall.’ This tab of the application gives numerous options to earn Satoshi. It has a list of options with the number of Satoshi that could be earned out of it. From taking surveys to playing mini-games, the Free Bitcoin Cash app has covered it all. So, after taking the survey, I earned a few Satoshi. In this manner, I could earn free Satoshi within few minutes.

The application has one more external link for earning free Satoshi. Under the category of ‘OfferDaddy OfferWall,’ there are various surveys and games that can be taken. It helped me claim additional free Satoshi. By clicking on this category, I was redirected to a browser link with multiple surveys and games. I found the app easy to navigate, simple, and reliable to earn Free Bitcoin Cash.


Where And When Is The Bitcoin Cash Deposited In The App?

The most disturbing thing about any cryptocurrency faucet application is that wait to find if you will receive your payout or not. Even I felt the same while claiming Satoshi on the application. Though the Satoshi were being credited properly into the wallet, I had no idea whether bitcoin cash would be credited or not as I had not exceeded 10,000 Satoshi limits. After exceeding the 10,000 Satoshi limit, I found that every Tuesday, whatever amount of bitcoin cash that I earned was credited to my wallet. After experimenting with so many bitcoin apps, this was my first experience with an app that actually paid me bitcoin cash. 

This app changed the whole idea of faucets being a scam. From then onwards, every Tuesday, I earned some amount of bitcoin cash, which was directly credited to my wallet. Just in case you don’t know, you can use the bitcoin cash for actual transactions depending on where you live. I decided to withdraw some bitcoin cash from my wallet. Unlike other apps, this application assures you to help you earn bitcoin cash through its interactive system.


 Additional Features Of The Free BCH App

The Free Bitcoin Cash application is one of the best bitcoin cash faucet applications. Bitcoin Aliens has designed this app with some additional features. I have used many bitcoin apps, but I found this app very useful. The company has added some additional control features. The application has a control panel that provides a detailed insight into the payment history. This additional feature of the app made it easy for me to analyze my payment and calculate the total amount of bitcoin cash earned. 

Another amazing add-on feature in the application is ‘Referrals.’ Many bitcoin applications provide this feature, but the referral link seldom functions properly. In this app, the referral system is working as expected. So, I used this feature and sent the referral link of the application to many of my friends. When some of them installed the application, registered, and earned some Bitcoin Cash, I earned 10% of it. The minimum value in the bitcoin referral system is 10% of the total value of Bitcoin Cash. I was surprised when the amount was credited to my wallet because usually, this feature is a scam and does not work. But Bitcoin Aliens gained my trust through this feature of the application. 

The Free Bitcoin Cash application has features like the help center and the FAQ section. There are commonly asked questions with crisp and short answers for the users. I went through the FAQs once when I was stuck with a problem of Satoshi credit in my wallet. The help center is responsive and guides appropriately through the solution. Such additional features of the Free Bitcoin Cash app made this application one of my favorite bitcoin apps.



The Free Bitcoin Cash application is a reliable and secure application for earning bitcoin cash easily. This application created a whole new idea for bitcoin faucet applications. This app is not a scam, unlike other apps which makes it stand apart and rank on top of the Google Play Store with the keyword ‘Free Bitcoin Cash.’ It is better in terms of its user interface, experience, and navigation. The Free Bitcoin Cash app is renowned for its easy payment weekly checkouts and smooth operation. I would definitely recommend everyone try this app at least once. I am sure, you will not regret it.