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Hi all, Happy New Year! this is Dan Bainbridge, founder of Bitcoin Aliens here – and a big mission of mine this year is to be much more public and really take stewardship of this blog in the process and actually take it in a different direction. Lets face it:

  1. There are a ton of bitcoin blogs and wanna be bitcoin blogs and news sites out there.
  2. And right now this is not even a contender :( Posts go un-shared and we struggle to get any comments or interaction.

Why the Bitcoin Aliens “News Blog” Flopped?

Its 100% my fault, I strongly believe that any business can only be successful if it is really led from the founder/owners/very top, down. I was naive enough to think I could hire a couple of writers and it would take off on it’s own.

Now while I’ve always ran successful-ish online businesses, they have never been blogging/news based, and I have always struggled to get real media exposure – mostly I sit in the background and buy up (often quite large) amounts of traffic, but despite having quality products that doesn’t get me into yahoo news and doesn’t get my sites /products shared socially.

I also want to state that it is not my belief that it flopped in any way because of poor writing – in-fact we regularly publish a weekly news roundup where we summarize some key happenings in the bitcoin world and actively try to NOT be biased or give personal comment, another piece we publish every week is a price and trading analysis – it’s written by someone who wants to remain anonymous, but he really lives and breathes bitcoin and is a full time bitcoin and altcoin day-trader.

And one thing we have NEVER done is accept money to publish slanted stories and reviews.

bitcoinaliens6_5I wear my heart on my sleeve and I do find it frustrating and disappointing we haven’t gathered more traction as a bitcoin blog and news site.

However things are going to change, or at least I am going to put my personal footprint out there, I’m going to lead this blog.

Now one thing I won’t be good at is being a journalist and writing the news, so this is NOT going to be a news blog anymore. My expertise is in marketing, media buying, advertising, lead generation, email marketing, customer flow.. I design businesses with marketing and profit in mind.

So I am going to write about marketing within the bitcoin world – focused around marketing strategy for customer acquisition within the bitcoin space, with a lot of the focus around actual case studies, often in real time about acquisition on our own properties for our advertising network, mobile apps, and free bitcoin web faucets.. I’m going to:

  • Write up case studies of our business units; starting with a case study of the CoinAd Advertising network – a LIVE follow along monthly, aiming to grow to 10billion monthly impressions; how we source traffic, measure spend against revenue and profit. How we grow and scale. What our planning and goal setting process is (it’s not an accident we got to 300k app installs); this starts out as an impossible goal and then we try to bridge that gap through consistent action.. So I’m going to give a lot of value and insight into how we reach the big numbers, but also an honest view of the journey as it unfolds and the barriers and failures we meet and overcome along the way.
  • Write up consulting case studies wherever possible (* if not confidential). Through running and I get to see a LOT of banner advertising data (1 BILLION banner impressions per month) – I had a lot of knowledge in what gets clicks and what works anyway from the previous 7 years, but this resource has led me to consult with many of the larger buyers we work with. I consult on landing pages, email sequences, customer onboarding flow from ads, to acquistion and on through the marketing funnel.
  • Armchair CEO about other bitcoin companies :). I don’t have all the answers but I think I’ve seen some pretty terrible marketing decisions these last 18 months within bitcoin, so I’d like to give some commentary :)

Who Am I?

crppedI’m Dan Bainbridge, I have a 7 year background in affiliate marketing as a publisher and in digital product creation and sales.

For the past 6 years my experience is in the personal development niche – I still own and , I’ve written around 700 short-medium copy salespages in this time and we sent a lot of email.

I’m pretty aggressive for that soft niche, but then I wanted to take things even further and really approach business with marketing at the forefront – thus the birth of Bitcoin Aliens and the aim to be THE go to marketing services agency for bitcoin companies.

Here’s my full bio.

Why Write This Blog?

Two reasons:

1. Marketing is Actually My Passion

Yeh, I’m pretty geeky, I can work a 10 hour day and go to a marketing networking event in the evening for fun. I love talking about email marketing, launching a product, and I love reading business and marketing books and biographies.

I actually entered the bitcoin space and started to build businesses here as I saw the complete lack of marketing – I saw that no one knew banner advertising, that no one was collecting customer emails, or if they were they were not doing marketing campaigns. I saw a space in the market for me to enter and build consumer focused assets, with the end goal of being THE go to marketing services agency for bitcoin companies (and I’m just about there, with the 2 worlds largest advertising networks, reaching around 1 billion banner impressions monthly and growing rapidly, and really large reach into new bitcoin consumers (2,000 new people join our sites each DAY))

* I also like other stuff like surfing, and swimming :) , but generally, I love my day to day work and never get burnt out from it.


I started buying bitcoin after the $1100 spike of January 2014. I knew about it before but I never got involved. I saw the price spike up and I thought I had missed the boat…

I started reading about it, about the technology behind bitcoin (the blockchain) and how innovative it was, how much potential there was… then I saw the massive investment going into bitcoin and the exciting projects and startups which were coming.

I started buying bitcoin – and still personally I am DOWN on my investment – my average buy in price is around $600 – I ran out of money to invest, but I knew I wanted to be involved, I really believe in the future of bitcoin and it’s a real honor to spread information about bitcoin, to give people their first few satoshis, and now to be able to pay out 10-20 bitcoin a week (we paid out around 340 bitcoin in 2015! – $151,000 worth at today’s value)

So this is my personal contribution at least in terms of writing – I’ll share the marketing journey and experience I’m taking in this space and I hope you get some ideas on how to aim bigger, acquire users and customers and I hope we can all help to spread and grow bitcoin around the world more effectively!