2 Reasons Why the Price Drop is Actually Good News!

Ok, so watching the price crash live, the last 2 days were pretty horrible I must admit. If you love and believe in the core principles of bitcoin and how it can change the world (like we do), then seeing it lose 30% of it’s value was pretty heart breaking.

But now we’ve had chance to clear our heads, actually this is going to be a very good opportunity, for us and for YOU to claim even more bitcoin. Ultimately nothing has changed for us:

  • As a business we still want to be in this space, giving out free bitcoin and educating newcomers about bitcoin, what it is etc.
  • Personally we still believe in its core principles.
  • Personally we are still excited about the level of investment into bitcoin this year.
  • From seeing things a little “behind the scenes” we are blown away by how many people are interested in bitcoin, who want to claim some for free – and even over the last few days our web traffic hasn’t dropped – there is still interest, as much as ever

So now for the…


If you believe in bitcoin, and you want more of it, then this price drop is enabling us to give out larger amounts of bitcoin! We recently increased our Alien Faucet payout from 2035 hourly AVERAGE to 3048 hourly average.

This was supposed to be just a short term promotion, but now that the price has dropped we can AT LEAST maintain this payout rate. So today, and ongoing, you can claim 3048 satoshi an hour (and for next week we will really look at our stats and see how much more we can pay too!)

Claim 3048 satoshi an hour at alien faucet right now:

alien faucet


Similarly, our Weekend Bitcoin faucet pays out 10,000 satoshi claims, and usually we pay out 0.5 bitcoin total (0.25 on Saturday, and 0.25 on Sunday).

Because of this price drop we are going to DOUBLE IT.

This weekend we are going to pay out 1 whole bitcoin – aka 100 MILLION satoshi.

You can also claim 1000 satoshi per payout (you can claim every 24 hours), so you can claim 1000 satoshi right now, and keep an eye out for an email from us on Saturday saying the faucet is open for 10,000 satoshi claims and claim your share of 100 million satoshi!