Fairy Faucet Pays 200 Satoshi Every 5 Minutes (new progressive bitcoin faucet)

1. Fairy Faucet – Claim 200 satoshi every 5 Minutes (on the top “level”)

This is a brand new free bitcoin faucet with a twist. It is progressive – so the timer goes through the coloured levels, and as it does, the payout gets more frequent.

Make sure you don’t miss the top level as it then pays out 200 satoshi EVERY 5 MINUTES

Click here to claim:


Top Tips

  • Just make sure you don’t miss the red level where it pays out 200 satoshi an hour  – you can see the progress bar along the top and how long to the next level.
  • Open the page on your phone so you can quickly glance and see if the top level is active 🙂

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