Faucet Guide

Have you checked out our Top 10 Faucets Page? If not, click here to get started! We keep it up to date with the highest paying and our favourite faucets so check back regularly.

if you’ve already seen that list and want to earn even more, this list has even more faucets – as many as we’ve found so far, in fact! Keep checking back as we’ll add more faucets whenever we find them.

Read on for more faucets…

Faucet Guide

Bitcoin Aliens – Our flagship faucet pays out around 2000 satoshi per hour on average. Kill aliens, earn bitcoin

Weekend Bitcoin – The world’s HIGHEST paying faucet! Claim your 10,000 satoshi every weekend here

Moon Bitcoin – My favourite and one of the highest paying faucests out there – you can claim every 5 minutes or open the page and come back later to collect 100s of free satoshi from the drip

Bitcoin Zebra – A really unique page: feed the zebra and get free satoshi!

Freebitco.in – A flexible faucet – they’ll pay out more satoshi when the bitcoin price drops

Jackpot Faucet – This faucet pays out 500 satoshi every hour and enters you into a draw for a HUGE jackpot

777 Bitcoin – Another flexible faucet like Freebitco.in with a minimum payout of 539 satoshi and a chance to win 10,000 satoshi

Faucet Crypt – another simple faucet: claim 1000 satoshi every 5 hours

Quick Bitcoin – In the style of Moon Bitcoin, you don’t have to worry about missing a claim – you can claim every 5 minutes or leave it for a few days and claim 1000s

Russia Faucet – A bit of a quirky site and pays out up to 500 satoshi every 30 minutes

Simpl Faucet – Another very simple faucet, pays out 200 satoshi per hour

Fairy Faucet – a progressive faucet, pays out more at certain times. Check their page for details

BitCurl – a simple faucet with a 250 satoshi claim every four hours

Pink Tussy – This site has high pay outs and runs daily jackpots for its users

Bit on Play – You can win 1,500 satoshi every time you play this site’s simple game

RTube – Another no-frills faucet with an average of 215 satoshi per hour claims

BitPrepay – A high paying faucet with a maximum prize of 10,00 satoshi

Ben10 Faucet – Ben10 really wants to give you 500 satoshi an hour at this faucet

CoinCollecting – A virtual scratchcard faucet with a huge 600 satoshi per claim payout

Scratch4Satoshis – Another virtual scratch card game that lets you claim an average of 1200 satoshi per hour

Chuta Faucet – You can win up to 1,200 satoshi per claim here

OfferStep – Another no-frills faucet. This one will pay on average 400 satoshi per hour

Teraz Bitcoin – This is a Polish faucet that offers a prize of 40,000 satoshi!

BitCoinKer – this is a classic faucet that has been up and running for some time. You can claim around 1,000 satoshi per hour here

Chrono Faucet – A “choose when you claim” faucet that pays on average around 1000 satoshi every four hours

Tree Bitcoin – One of our new favourite faucets – grow the tree and earn free bitcoin!

Mario Faucet – A cool little faucet built around a Super Mario theme

Dance Faucet – A simple faucet – 300 satoshi every three hours

Battle Bitcoin – use your satoshi claims to gamble on the Wheel of Fortune and TRIPLE your winnings!

Bitmachine – Another gambling faucet – you can double or triple your satoshi claims on their satoshi slot machine

Green Bitcoin – HUGE 200,000 top satoshi prize. Claim every 15 minutes for a chance to claim the jackpot

CryptoDrips – Claim every 45 minutes at this faucet

Satoshi quiz – a unique satoshi quiz website. Answer EASY questions, earn MEGA satoshi.

BitCats – Feed the cat, win free bitcoin! It couldn’t be simpler!

Treasure Faucet – Collect treasure to earn satoshi and win BIG BONUSES

We Love Bitcoins – A free faucet with games you can play with your claims!

Jewelry Faucet – High paying with bonus JACKPOT payouts

The Coin Mine – One of the BIGGEST faucets we’ve ever seen – collect four digital currencies from their faucets and cash out their in-house coin into one of NINE different coins

BTCMountainClaim 777 satoshi every 5 minutes during their LUCKY HOURS promotions!

USSR Faucet – 707 every 77 minutes from this neat, Russian themed faucet

23Satoshi1 second Cooldowns! Claim 23 or 77 satoshi with every claim, as fast as you can click!

MezzaBank – Earn MEGA money through MezzaBank in their Lucky Minutes

BitcoinX – A faucet with two multiplier wheels – a maximum total payout of 5,000,000 satoshi!

SatoshiBear – This cute panda would love to give you free satoshi for visiting his faucet!