Moon Bitcoin – My Favorite Free Bitcoin Faucet

Moon Bitcoin – Claim every 5 Minutes – Over 1000 satoshi per hour!

My favorite, and THE HIGHEST PAYING faucet – simply because you can click to open a drip and leave the browser tab open and come back later to collect 100s and 100s of free satoshi.

It gets even better with Xapo! Claim an EXTRA 50% on top of all your claims at Moon Bitcoin – just for using Xapo!

Click here to claim:


Top Tips

  • The “drip rate” slows down – so you can get around 200 satoshi within 20 minutes, but then the rate after 2 hours is much slower.
  • Claim it when you wake up on a morning as that will be a 6-8 hour wait from overnight and at that point the drip rate is really slow.
  • Don’t get too obsessed with it – claim it every 30 minutes to 3-4 hours and you will get near enough optimum payouts and several 1000 per day.

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