Try out our BEST game yet – the amazing Alien Run!

t1Click Here to Download it Now

It’s our most fun game yet! Run the crazy levels and earn BIG bitcoin rewards in two different modes!

1) There’s Adventure mode – a simple random selection of five Alien Run levels that you can play to WIN bitcoin

2) The Daily Mission – now this is a challenge! It starts off super simple but the difficulty increases with the rewards you can claim 😉 if you complete ALL levels of the Daily Mission you get a HUGE Bitcoin reward!

Click Here to Download it Now


There’s also some super cool special powers in the levels too!

  • Running Daniel (Just your standard alien runner)
  • Upside Down Daniel (Now you’re running on the ceiling)
  • Flipping Daniel (You flip between the floor and the ceiling!)
  • Spaceship Daniel (Multi-jump over the obstacles in Daniel’s awesome spaceship!)

Can’t wait to try out our most amazing game yet?

Simply click here to download it and start earning MEGA bitcoin!


Published by Dan Bainbridge

Dan Bainbridge is the founder of and He writes about bitcoin focused marketing strategy on this blog, and day to day strategises the growth of the Bitcoin Aliens media portfolio. He likes surfing and swimming.

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