Top 10 Bitcoin Paid to Click Websites (Bitcoin PTC)

These paid-to-click websites are becoming more popular and since they can pay out a few thousand satoshi in just a few minutes they can be even more profitable than the free bitcoin faucet circuit.

  • The situation is that websites about bitcoin are advertising
  • They want YOU to visit their website
  • And they are happy to PAY YOU to do so
  • You simply have to view their site for 10-60 seconds and claim your free satoshi.

It varies per site and depending on how long you have to view for, but generally you will get between 100 and 400 satoshi per ad-view…

Now because you can view a LOT of ads,  each for 10-20 seconds each, it could be has high as 1000-2000 satoshi per MINUTE! Which is more than most faucets as they have freeze-out / cool down times of 15 minutes to 1 hour typically.

If you love this EASY way of making money, you might also be interested in our favourite Paid to Click (in Dollars) Websites

*Okay, we don’t have 10 yet but we’ll be keeping this list updated as we find more great Bitcoin Paid to Click sites

Here are our favourite Paid to Click websites:

Coin Ad

Super simple, super quick signup. New ads are being added all the time and it’s generally one of the higher paying paid-to-click sites out there at the moment!

Bitcoin Clix

These guys have a huge collection of ads to view. Each pays a minimum of 100 satoshi and as the timer gets higher so do their payout amounts!

BitcoinClix Paid to Click

BTC Clicks

A really solid site, a good collection of adverts – usually around 30 or more – and most of them pay around 100+ satoshi for 10-20 seconds of viewing!