Top 10 Free Bitcoin Faucets

The Highest Paying, Top 10 Bitcoin Faucets – All on one page to make it 10x quicker for you to claim… so you can earn 10x as much! Bookmark this page and come back every hour to claim 11,400 satoshi!


ClaimBTC – Exciting New Faucet With UNIQUE Features!

Claim MEGA satoshi prizes at this great new faucet – and earn bonuses to help you win more bitcoin!

Click here to claim:

Claim BTC Faucet

NEW: Daily Doge – Find Doges, Claim Bitcoin 😀

The best new faucet – find doges for MEGA bitcoin rewards. Claim every 5 minutes with HIGH average claim amounts 😀

Click here to claim:

Daily Doge 600x315

NEW: Elena Faucet – Hourly Payouts & BIG Satoshi Rewards

Claim from this old, reliable faucet for BIG rewards (and check out the other faucets on his site too!) ;D

And watch out for the BIG JACKPOT wins too 😉Elena Bitcoin Faucet

Click Here to Claim:

Robot Coin – My favourite faucet – totally unique & high paying!

Destroy Robots, Earn (MEGA!) Bitcoin. It’s as simple as that!

Click here to Claim:

Robot Coin Faucet

Coin888 – Claim Big Satoshi from the BEST Fruit Machine Faucet 😉

Awesome fruit machine faucet – great rewards 😀

Click here to claim:

Coin888 Faucet

CoinBrawl – Become the Arena Champion and Win Bitcoin

A great new faucet with an RPG element! Beat your opponents, level up your character and earn great bitcoin in this fun arena fighting faucet game!

Click here to claim:

CoinBrawl Faucet

Monster Coin Game – BIG Jackpot Claims

Another great Wheel of Fortune type faucet – big claims and BIG jackpots here!Monster Coin Faucet

Field Bitcoins – Progressive Claims

Claim whenever you want at this new progressive faucet – from every 5 minutes to every day, to every week!

Click here to claim:

Field Bitcoin Faucet


Free USD Faucet – Claim DOLLARS & Cash Out Into BITCOIN 😀

It’s as simple as it sounds – you claim in US currency and you can cash out in your currency of choice (Bitcoin!!!)

Click here to Claim:

Free USD Faucet

Daily Free Bits – One of the Oldest and Most Reliable Faucets!

Hourly claims with great rewards available at this reliably awesome faucet!

Daily Free Bits Faucet

If 10 isn’t enough, then get our FREE mini report “How to get 2.7 million satoshi for free“. It is updated monthly and it also contains a 5 minute step by step guide to show you how to claim 2.7 MILLION satoshi!

Or check out our other top 10 faucet lists: Dogecoin Faucets | Litecoin Faucets | Darkcoin coming soon | Nxt coming soon | Blackcoin coming soon.

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