Top 10 Free Dogecoin Faucets

Here are our top 10 free dogecoin faucets – the DogeFaucet scene is really starting to take off now – only the highest paying, most profitable faucets are listed!

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1. Moon Dogecoin

From the makers of Moon Bitcoin, comes Moon Dogecoin, this is brand new, and already it’s the HIGHEST PAYING, most frequent Dogecoin faucet. The concept is identical to Moon Bitcoin, you claim when you want, the longer you leave it, it will slowly add Doge to your balance until you claim it:


2. Dogecoin Puddle

A sister site of Bitcoin Puddle with the same setup. Simple, straightforward claims of 15 Doge every four hours.

DogeCoin Puddle Faucet

3. FreeDogeco.In

Another sister site – of Free Bitcoin Faucet – and again the same setup – you can claim approx 9+ Doge every hour, and use their multiplier feature to get more:



4. Land of Dogecoin

A new doge faucet with some promise – they have their own faucet which pays 2 , 5 , or 10 dogecoin, and then they have a list of 20+ other doge faucets – their aim is to become the doge faucet hangout 🙂


5. Doge Checkin

Again by the same people who made Coin Checkin, comes Doge Checkin – claim Doge every 5 minutes:


6. King Dogecoin Faucet

Claim up to 1000 Dogecoin at this excellent doge faucet. You can claim every 10 minutes!

King Doge Faucet

7. Doge

You can earn up to 5 Doge an hour with just a simple click – OR they offer lifetime multipliers for just a few dollars, so you could earn even more!

Doge Faucet

8. Free Dogecoin Faucet

Claim up to 15 Doge every hour at this simple Dogecoin faucet

Free Dogecoin Faucet Faucet

9. Doge

Another really simple faucet to use – you can also ask for reminders so you never miss a claim here

Dogefaucet Faucet

10. CMMonitor Doge Faucet

Make EASY claims for good amounts of doge – you can claim up to 10 doge every 10 minutes!

CMMonitor Doge Faucet

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