Top 10 Free Litecoin Faucets

We’ve been searching for the best of the best Litecoin Faucets and have come up with this top 10!*

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*Okay we’re not at 10 yet but we’re always on the hunt for the best faucets for all cryptocurrency

 Moon Litecoin

A sister site to Moon Bitcoin – claim Litecoin whenever you want – small amounts every 5 minutes or just a few BIG claims throughout the day!

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Moon Litecoin Faucet

LTC Rena Faucet

Pays out 5 mLTC for every claim – this faucet’s big draw is its lack of CAPTCHAs so claims are even easier

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Claim a prize every day – the prize changes every hour so you can always claim later if you think it’s too low. The big draw for this one is its multiplier bonus – use the site every day and see your multiplier grow – you can soon be claiming double the prize!

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Litecoiner Faucet


With a mega 50,000 Litoshi jackpot this could easily be one of the highest paying Litecoin faucets out there

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CryptoBlox LTC Faucet

Litecoin Check-In

Ran by the same guys who do Bitcoin Check-In and Dogecoin Check-In this site is a must for easy, reliable litecoin payouts. Same deal, you “check in” to the site and are given a lucky time – if you match the hours, minutes and/or seconds you earn more and more Litoshi!

 Click Here to Claim:

Lite Check In Faucet


Earn an easy 1,000-5,000 Litoshi every hour at this EASY, no frills faucet

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LTC-Faucet Faucet

You can claim up to 15,000 Litoshi an hour here – another simple, no-frills Litecoin faucet

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LTC Faucet

CMMonitor Litecoin Faucet

A GOOD chance to claim an EASY 100,000 Litoshi from this faucet!

CMMonitor Litecoin Faucet

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