Top 10 Free Paytoshi Bitcoin Faucets

The Highest Paying, Top 10 Paytoshi Bitcoin Faucets – All on one page to make it 10x quicker for you to claim… so you can earn 10x as much!

Pulp Faucet– Average 125 Satoshi an Hour

This fun little faucet is designed around Pulp Fiction! It pays on average about 125 satoshi per hour, with its max claim being 300.


Click here to claim:

Pulp Faucet

Crococoin Faucet – Claim every 10 minutes

Win up to 500 satoshi at this neat little Paytoshi faucet – it has higher available payouts on this list and you can claim faster too

Click here to claim:

CrocoCoin Faucet

Mario Faucet: Win Bitcoin from Mario!

Mario is giving away all the coins he’s collected here at this faucet. Click to claim every hour, with rewards of up to 300 satoshi per click.

Click here to claim:

Mario Faucet

Breaking Faucet – build your bitcoin empire with this Breaking Bad faucet

An excellent little faucet designed around a Breaking Bad theme. Like the others on this list the average claim is around 120 with maximum payouts of 300 per hour.

Click here to claim:

Breaking Faucet


Earn BTC – claim every 3 hours for a maximum of 300 satoshi

Another simple to use Paytoshi wallet faucet. Maximum claims of 300 satoshi but unlike the others you can only claim here every three hours.

Click here to claim:

EarnBTC Faucet

FaucetNet – claims every hour – 50 or 100 satoshi prizes

This is a very simple faucet – only two prizes, and claims every hour.

Click here to claim:

FaucetNet Faucet

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